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São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso, situated in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, is a small and beautiful Fishing Village that preserved its calm and simple lifestyle. A piece of paradise situated 110 kms northwest of the City of Natal on Highway BR101.

The town, incorporated on 29th Sept 1884 was dedicated to São Miguel Arcanjo (Saint Michael the Archangel) that same day. It soon got the nickname Sao Miguel do Gostoso due to an original dweller who took in guests and made them smile with his funny stories and in-general making it a pleasant place to stay. He became known as “Seu Gostoso”(Mr. Pleasant) and the town then became known as Sao Miguel do Seu Gostoto which today has become Sao Miguel do Gostoso in his honor.

The sandy beaches of Sao Miguel do Gostoso, extensive and nearly deserted, attract tourists worldwide. Among these tourists are those who come in search of aquatic sports such as kite surfing and wind surfing as the region is known for its strong and steady winds thaty blow in general along the shoreline. The beach near Point Sao Cristo is ideal of beginners and is home to sevarl wind and kite surfing schools.

Macieo Beach, where the resort is situated is a quiet and beautiful stretch of beach that is nearly deserted and offers beautiful sunsets. Xepa Beach is located near the center of the town where you can find bars and restaurants and is center of the town’s nightlife.

One can rent quads, buggies bicycles to explore the region as well as book day trips in dune buggies to visit more distant beaches including the town of Galinhos, famous for its beautiful beaches.

Annual events attract many tourist such as the annual Cinema festival held yearly in November on Macieo Beach That shows the lasts Brazilian Films. Also Sao Miguel de Gostoso is home to a large New Year’s Party which extends over 6 day period called Gostoso’s New Year. Please note that all vacancies are hard to find during these periods so an early reservation is advised.

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Av. dos Arrecifes, 2646, Praia do Maceió
São Miguel do Gostoso/RN - Brasil

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